Maggie Chu – The High-Ticket Enrollment System

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Maggie Chu – The High-Ticket Enrollment System

You already have expertise and knowledge that can be monetized EASILY. But You’re Getting Stuck on HOW to monetize it, right?

Are you stuck wondering…
  • What do I do after my signature program is ready? (Because a program won’t sell itself!)
  • What’s the best way to sell my program? (If you have no sales strategy, you will have no clients, no sales, no income! And a whole lot of hard work going nowhere.)
  • What SYSTEM should I have in place to get paying clients? (Without a system, you’ll spin in a million different directions creating zero income. I’ve seen so many coaches in this situation, it takes everything out of you! )
  • Do I just share my program on FB, or send to my email list? If I put it on my website or blog will people buy? (Nope! Unless you have a HUGE email list and following, but even then it RARELY creates sales like you think.)
  • Should I be running Facebook ads, attending events, or doing a webinar? (That’s a great idea, but do you know what kind of “call to action” is EFFECTIVE and will actually convert leads to clients, FAST???)

All these questions and uncertainties hold you back from

selling your program. Here’s the No-Holds-Barred Truth…
You find yourself spinning your wheels and procrastinating when all you want is to be able work with clients. Or perhaps you thought once you have your program, the clients will magically appear… Sorry, that’s not going to happen. (You have to implement a simple, smart, incredibly effective system designed to sign up clients over and over again.)

So tell me, how much of this are you doing…

  • BLOGGING and WRITING ARTICLES, but you find yourself giving away all your content for free which doesn’t feel good. You might even begin to feel resentment.
  • WRITING BOOKS OR EBOOKS to build credibility and attract clients, but still no paying clients. It’s not a lack of effort, just the wrong effort. Without a system, this effort doesn’t bring in sales.
  • WORKING ON A NEW WEBSITE​ you’re proud of, BUT it still doesn’t turn visitors into clients. Hey, we all secretly want our websites to be magically found by thousands who instantly become clients. But it doesn’t work that way.
  • CREATING A LEAD MAGNET AND LANDING PAGE to collect leads, but struggle to convert these leads to clients! Again, it’s only part of a system, not the entire system.
  • PLANNED OR HOSTED A WEBINAR thought you could just sell your high-ticket program on there or on a sales page? But that’s not what happened.
  • SALES CALL RELUCTANT​ because you don’t have a system that works for you and enables you to sign up clients over and over again. Not just any clients either, but DREAM clients.

Let me explain: Creating a website, freebie, lead magnet, blogging, and webinars IS MARKETING, but marketing itself doesn’t get you

sales or clients!

What’s missing? YES! You guessed it… A SYSTEM.

All of this great content and marketing effort without a system is like driving down a dead end road. It just ends and nothing happens.

You simply become a busy “content creator” who works for free.

Marketing helps you get in front of people. BUT what good is getting in front of people if you can’t turn the audience into clients?

Trust me, the audience NEEDS you to invite them to work with you. Does that make sense?

You can have great marketing, BUT if you don’t have a system behind your marketing that signs up clients, you’ll continue to struggle with inconsistent and even a lack of paying clients and cash flow.
This means there is NO predictability or consistency in your business.
THIS, MY FRIEND, IS A VERY VERY HARD, AND UNSUSTAINABLE WAY TO RUN A BUSINESS!! And honestly, if you’re not making sales, you don’t have a business yet, you have a great idea and content that entertains people.
A business requires sales.
If this is you…don’t worry.

This is such an EASY fix!

(I’m Going To Show You What To Do With All The Marketing, So It’s Not Wasted Anymore. It’s Further Down On The Page, So Keep Reading.)

If you continue to create “busy work” for yourself- whether it’s because it feels “safe” to hide behind the computer, or you’re following what you see everyone else is doing online, or simply because you have NO real strategy and no system to get paying clients – you’ll keep playing the BUSY game, volunteering your valuable time away!

Procrastinating, “perfecting,” stalling, putting your dreams on hold…
….and it feels terrible. You can’t keep telling everyone around you that you’ll get clients soon. Without a comprehensive system, the clients aren’t coming 🙁
So, are you ready for the easy fix?
Are you READY to follow ONE Simple, PROVEN, and Incredibly Effective system to sign up clients over and over again?
(PLUS With the YES Coach Certification, YOU’LL gain Instant Credibility & Respect.)


  • Speak With Only Pre-Qualified Leads, Have Fun Coaching And Signing Up Dream Clients. Then Rinse And Repeat. It’s That Easy.
  • Make Irresistible Offers To Prescreened People Who Are Warmed Up, And Already Motivated To Sign Up For Your Program. That Feels Good Doesn’t It?
  • Now Scale Your Business! Triple Your Income Because You Are No Longer A Solopreneur, But Have The Right Dream Sales Team To Sign Up Clients For You. That’s The Way It’s Done!
The High-Ticket Enrollment System and


The Incredibly Effective High-Ticket Enrollment System And Certification Has 7 Simple Steps. Here They Are:
Create Your Branded, Signature Program That Sets You Apart and Sells.
Coach and Sign Up Clients Through Powerful Conversations (aka Enrollment Conversations) without any “selling.” Imagine a potential client excitedly asking you “WOW! How can I work with you??”
Then follow my proven framework to make an irresistible offer that captivates your dream client’s attention and their deepest desires, inspiring them to take action.
Turn ANY income-crushing objections into a confident YES (comfortably). This is one of the MOST important coaching and communication skills you can learn as a business owner, expert and coach.
Set your automated system that prescreens people, so you only speak with pre-qualified and committed people. Never waste your valuable time by giving it away to people who have no intentions of buying.
Master your metrics and KNOW what your income will be month after month. I show you how to be an intelligent business owner and what to do when you have up stats or down stats, so you can grow with certainty.
Scale Your Business and Hire Your Sales Dream Team. (Would that allow you more time to relax, travel, be the brand of your company, only work with existing paying clients?) You’d be surprised at how fast you can be ready to scale!
The Hidden Super Power To A Thriving Virtual Coaching Business Is Having The Right System To Schedule AUTHENTIC, Powerful Conversations that Sign Up Clients Over and Over Again!
It’s the FASTEST path to cash flow, success and getting DREAM clients.
(I would know because I went through years of trial an error to come up with this incredibly effective, proven system!)

Alright, Here’s What You’ll Get Today…

Module 1: The Signature Program Creator

Learn how to turn your existing knowledge into multiple income streams, including a high-ticket program and a scalable group program that gives you more time, more freedom and more income!

You’ll have an intelligent business model that gives you the ability to grow without burn out, trading your time for money. I’ll walk you step-by-step through how to structure, deliver, and price your branded, signature program with 100% confidence.
You’ll be so proud!

Module 2: The Six Figure Enrollment Conversation

Discover how to hold powerful conversations, so getting a new client is a natural outcome! I’ll walk you through the exact steps to guiding conversations with a prospective client in a way that is confident, comfortable, intuitive, and is a natural extension of what you already know as a coach and expert.

You’ll have a customized script that’s proven and specific to your offer so you never have to enter an enrollment conversation blindly or feel unprepared or nervous again! Plus, this coaching conversation style will naturally lead to the client eagerly asking you “WOW! how can I work with you??”
You’ll be so relieved!

Module 3: Crafting The Irresistible Offer

You’ll discover the secret formula to crafting an irresistible, high-converting offer that makes your program stand out and effortlessly enrolls your dream clients. Once you learn this easy- to-use framework, you’ll know how to make irresistible offers to anything, for life.

This is an easy-to-follow process that makes saying ‘YES!’ to your offer completely irresistible. You simply follow the structured framework to make your offer stand out and captivate anyone’s attention, so they will be prepared to take the next step with you.
You’ll be thrilled when you see this!

Module 4: From Objections to Enrollments

I’ll show you how to avoid shutting down when a potential client hesitates or says no. These are just their limiting beliefs, and blocks…we all have them.

You’ll be able to master one of the most important communication skills, to stand for your potential client’s transformation, and comfortably turn objections into a new conversation direction that gets to the root of their worry and fear which leads to a new, ready, inspired client! YES! It’s a total WIN-WIN.
You’ll feel more heart-centered than ever before!

Module 5: The Pre-Qualifying Leads Formula

Make sure every phone call you schedule is with your dream client!

You’ll have the process to pre-qualify, filter and screen people before you speak to them, so you’re only devoting your valuable time to high-quality potential clients – You’ll feel more confident, better prepared, and see an amazing increase in conversions!​

You can swipe my copy, word-for-word and take my pre-screening process to use in your business. No need to reinvent the wheel!

Get my secrets to increasing your show-up rate so you have more people to enroll into your program.
You’ll feel so prepared!

Module 6: The Winning Sales Tracking System

Dig into your data so you have a clear understanding of what is working, where you can improve, and what you need to do to get even MORE enrollments into your programs!

I’ll walk you through how to set goals strategically and plan your success with intention (instead of aimless goals and hoping for the best!).

Be a successful business owner that is always in the know of how your business is performing and what needs to be tweaked and improved, so you can see your stats, income, and performance rise week after week!
You’ll feel empowered as you build an intelligent business!

Module 7: The Dream Team Hiring System

Now that you’re enrolling more clients and generating much more income, you don’t have to run everything on your own!

(This will happen faster than you think, so be ready!)

Having a team is crucial to scaling upwards, but you need the RIGHT people in place. I’ll show you how to identify, interview, and hire amazing enrollment coaches who will sell, enroll and fill your program FOR you.