Mark William – Make Them Convert The Secret Sauce To Writing Like A 7-Figure Ecommerce Copywriter

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Mark William – Make Them Convert The Secret Sauce To Writing Like A 7-Figure Ecommerce Copywriter

Do you struggle to write high-converting ads that interrupt, shock, and convert your audience?

Do you stare at a blank screen for hours frustrated, not knowing what to write?
Or do you want to learn how to unlock the minds of your customers to know EXACTLY what’s going on inside their heads so you can sell to them like candy to a baby?
If you said YES to any of these, keep reading because this course is designed specifically for you.
Make Them Convert gives you the tools you need to write 6-7 figure Facebook ads – even if you have no background in writing copy.
This course is the byproduct of over $10,000,000 ad spend that myself and my agency have managed to scale a dozen businesses to 7 figures through Facebook ads.
And in the last 5 months, we’ve condensed all our knowledge into this inclusive, simple-to-use course so you can explode your results on Facebook by simply writing better copy.

This course is for you if you are:

👉 An ad agency owner who’s losing clients left and right because of unprofitable ad copy and want life-changing results for their clients and their own business.
👉 A freelancer who wants to start a lucrative agency through writing highly profitable copy but doesn’t know where to start.
👉 A business owner who writes his/her own ads and wants to make significantly more money from them.
If you’re any of the above, or you just want to learn the foundations of learning high converting ad copy, this is for you!
Now, you probably know me, but if not – you might be asking who I am.

Let me introduce myself . . .

Hi, I’m Mark William.
I’m the managing director of Axiscale, a Facebook ads agency that specializes in scaling eCom businesses.
I’ve managed over $10,000,000 on ads and I’ve helped scale a dozen businesses to 7 figures a year.
And in just minutes, you’ll learn why this course is the key you need to make more money with Facebook Ads.
But first, let me tell you a story.
Before starting my own agency, I was a freelance copywriter and content writer, and I worked full-time in a startup Facebook ads agency.
Back then, we didn’t have any copywriters on our team.
So I had to learn how to write copy all while running ads for clients.
I didn’t have the courses, programs, and coaching that I have now (I’ve spent over $40k in the last 2 years for these.)
I struggled to look for information about copywriting and had to waste countless hours with scattered tidbits over the internet, when I could have just found it (and more) in one place.
I lost A LOT of money in the beginning simply because I didn’t know how to write copy.
But I didn’t give up.
I kept practicing.
I wrote copy every day for two years.
And I spent 70% of my earnings on training.
I tested ads, analyzed their performance, and constantly made tweaks to improve my results.
Copywriting didn’t only help me learn how to market our client’s products/services…
It helped me understand how people think – what excited them, what made them tick, and what kept them up at night.
As a result, I was able to deliver WAY better results with my ads.
And I became confident enough to start my own FB advertising agency with a dynamic team of people that have created these same awesome results for our clients.
It felt great. And I wanted to share that feeling.
I made a promise to myself to help other people learn how to write copy, faster and easier than what I went through.
Since then, I’ve gathered everything I’ve learned, as well as my team’s experiences, put it all in one course, and called it . . . Make Them Convert: The Secret Sauce To Writing Like a 7-Figure Ecommerce Copywriter.

So you’re probably here for any of the following reasons:

👉 You have great ideas, but you don’t know how to put them to life. They stay stuck in your head. The words won’t come out.
👉 You’re frustrated to see other copywriters write profitable ads with ease, and you want to know how to do that as well.
👉 You want to write clear, persuasive copy that compels people to act without them realizing it
👉 You know that a simple change in your copy could double, triple, or even 10x the sales it’s making right now.
👉 You spend a lot of money on ads but they’re not converting. You feel like you’re leaving A LOT of money on the table… HINT: You are.
👉 You’re searching for a reliable resource/mentor to learn from because you’re tired of learning from half-assed content.
👉 You spend hours upon hours writing copy but you constantly find yourself redoing it. You aren’t content.
👉 You’re sick and tired of writing copy and not seeing great results.
If so, I have you covered in this course!

Here’s What To Expect…

This course is a comprehensive piece of content structured in a way that a grade schooler can understand.
It was originally intended for people who wanted to take their Facebook ad copy to the next level.
But after reading through it with my team, I realized that it pretty much covered all the foundations of copywriting.
It’s perfect for any individual (even a complete beginner) who wants to catch up with the big boys in the industry and get his own piece of the pie.
Pretty crazy when you realize that everything you’ll get out of this course will be the foundation you need to set yourself up to making 6+ figures per month.
This course will take you through the fundamentals (like how to conduct research) all the way to using powerful copywriting techniques that expert copywriters use to write copy.
I take great pride in saying that everything you’ll learn here is what our team’s applying in the field.
What we’re teaching you here isn’t something that we think might work.
They’re things that HAVE and are continuing to work for us.
They’re real information that you can immediately apply to your copy.
Now, I want you to think about where you’re at right now in your business. Your problems and struggles.
What problems are caused by you not knowing to write amazing copy?
How much money is this costing you?
How much time?
I can tell you that it cost me months of time, and $X,XXX,XXX in profits
But now, imagine yourself as a world class copywriter who can pump out expert copy with ease.
Because after you’ve read and applied this course, you won’t be struggling to write copy anymore.
Copywriting will be a breeze, your ads’ conversion rates will rise, and you’ll get a taste of what it’s like to own a business making potentially 6 figures per month.

Here’s What You’ll Get:

✅ How to Effectively Do Market Research to Uncover Your Market’s Deepest Desires and Greatest Fears.
✅ What You Need To Learn About Your Offer To Sell It Effectively (You Can’t Sell A Product You Know Nothing About)
✅ Offer + Market + Competitive Research Template and Customer Avatar Template
✅ Effective Copywriting Angles You Can Use When You Can’t Think Of Anything To Write (I’ll Also Be Putting More As A Bonus In The Near Future)
✅ Where To Find Your Market (Even If They’re Hiding From You) And The Free Tools You Can Use To Find Them
✅ The Copywriting Manual That Will Teach You How to Effortlessly Write Copy – Even If You’ve Never Written A Single Piece of Copy Before.
✅ The 17 Powerful Techniques To Writing Copy That Will Keep Your Audience Reading – Without Getting Bored.
✅ The 10 Attention Grabbing Headlines That Stop Your Target Audience In Their Tracks And Get Them To Actually Read Your Ad.
✅ The Most Common Reasons Why Your Ads Get Rejected You Need to Know About to Avoid Stressful Bans That Cost Tons Of Money
And waaay more.