Matt Giovanisci – Affiliate Marketing For Bloggers

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Matt Giovanisci – Affiliate Marketing For Bloggers

How to Make Serious Money with Affiliate Links by Building Trust and Traffic

This in-depth video course is a behind-the-scenes look at the setup, strategies, and tools I use to earn over $400,000 annually from my affiliate websites like and I cover everything from how I build an affiliate site from scratch to how I increase revenue on my existing websites.

A Ridiculously EPIC Affiliate Marketing Course (Based On A True Story)

I’ve been earning a living with affiliate marketing for over 10 years. I own three websites in different industries. Combined, they earn me over $400,000 a year.

And that’s all from affiliate commissions, baby!

In 2004, just a city boy born and raised in South New Jersey, I was working at a local pool supply store. That’s when I came across the concept of affiliate marketing. I don’t remember how, but it gave me an idea.“What if I took my pool knowledge and put it on a website? Then, I’d be rich!”
And believe it or not, two years later…I still didn’t have a website. Procrastination is a bitch.
When I finally got a kick in the pants from my friend, I started my sloppy-ass pool education website. My long-term goal was to make money with affiliate marketing and banner ad sales. This was 2006, give me a break.
From there, it took me about six years of on-and-off work to build up my site to finally start earning a living.
When I finally figured it out, it took off like a rocket ship. I had a formula for success. And I tested that formula on two more websites and was able to earn money faster.
This is what I want to dive deep on: The shortcut to making money with affiliate marketing.

Course Content

• The Affiliate Marketing Video Course Introduction 7 mins
Affiliate Marketing Fundamentals
• My Affiliate Marketing Philosophies 8 mins
• The Technical Ins and Outs of Affiliate Marketing 14 mins
• What You Can Realistically Earn With Affiliate Marketing 8 mins
• The Rules of Affiliate Marketing 11 mins
• Affiliate Disclosures: Dos, Don’ts, and Best Practices
• Common Affiliate Marketing Mistakes To Avoid 5 mins
Building an Affiliate Marketing Website
• An Introduction To Crafting The Perfect Affiliate Website 2 mins
• Brainstorming An Affiliate Friendly Niche 11 mins
• Narrowing Down Your Niche 7 mins
• Picking A Good Domain Name 8 mins
• Setting Up Your Site Right 7 mins
• Install These WordPress Plugins 5 mins
• Create Content That’s Searchable and Converts 8 mins
• How to Pick The Right Affiliate Products, Programs, and Networks 7 mins
Growing Your Affiliate Marketing Website
• How To Supercharge An Existing Affiliate Site 12 mins
• Tracking Your Affiliate Links and Affiliate Income 19 mins
• More Ways to Promote Your Affiliate Links 9 mins
• How to Grow and Scale Your Affiliate Marketing Efforts 4 mins
Building an Online Course in 30 Days
• Day 0: Developing The Course Production Plan
• Day 1: Creating a Rough Course Outline 20 mins
• Day 2: Refining The Course Online 11 mins
• Day 3: Creating a Pre-Launch Page 14 mins
• Day 4: Writing The First Lesson Scripts 7 mins
• Day 5: Writing More Scripts 3 mins
• Day 8: Non-Linear Script Writing? 7 mins
• Day 11: Begin Filming Course Lesson Videos 13 mins
• Day 13: Animated Course Intro and Theme Music
• Day 14: Filming, Editing, and Uploading Lesson Videos
• Day 16: Finishing The Course Videos
• Day 21: Write The Sales Copy in Google Docs
• Day 23: My Sales Page Copy is Complete
• Day 25: Designing The Sales Page with Podia in 20 Minutes 20 mins
• Day 28: Promoting The Course
• Day 30: LAUNCH DAY!

Bonus Content

• Recommended Tools for Affiliate Marketing 6 mins
• Additional Affiliate Marketing Resources and Who To Trust 6 mins
• Lasso Affiliate Marketing WordPress Plugin Walkthrough 14 mins
• Building A Profitable Affiliate Niche Site From Scratch with 24 mins
• The Best Affiliate Marketing Practices on a Podcast with Travis Sherry 18 mins
• 20% OFF Carbonate WordPress Theme
Templates and Spreadsheets
• Affiliate Programs and Networks List
• Google Data Studio Template For Affiliate Marketing Tracking
Become an Affiliate
• How to Join The Affiliate Program
• How to Get Your Affiliate Links