MECLABS, Flint McGlaughlin – Online Testing On-demand

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MECLABS, Flint McGlaughlin – Online Testing On-demand

The web has become far more than merely another marketing channel — it’s the heart of your entire business. The web is the only tool that allows you to peer deeply into the minds of consumers while they make a purchasing decision. By using the web for this purpose, you’ll be able to answer the fundamental question of why customers say, “Yes, I will take the next step in the sales process.”

During the course, you’ll learn proven techniques you can immediately implement, including:

  1. 1Key principles for conducting successful online tests – what constitutes a valid sample size, the right experimental design, how to interpret results
  2. 2How to use tools that will help you design effective tests for your own existing pages
  3. 3A process for implementing an iterative testing program that will boost website ROI for your company

Executing effective and valid experiments will systematically increase your marketing ROI. Check out the video below to get an inside look at what you can expect to see in the Online Testing Course (complete first session):

For the past 15 years, MECLABS has been developing the optimum methodology for online experimentation. Working with both large and small research partners like The New York Times, Reuters, and, the lab has tested more than 1 million keywords, 20 million email messages, and 100,000 order paths.

In this course, you will learn how to determine where to test, what to test, and how to turn basic testing data into customer wisdom and the ability to predict customer behavior. Anybody can set up a test, but not everyone can set up the “right” test. Once you have taken and passed the final exam, you will be designated as a Certified Professional in Online Testing.

While more and more marketers are recognizing the need to systematically test their new ideas, few have ever received serious, relevant training in online experimentation. In fact, the average MBA program teaches very little about online testing.