Mitch Miller – Client Getting 101 Super Training

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Mitch Miller – Client Getting 101 Super Training

Over the past 15 years, I’ve watched friends, students, and strangers virtually destroy their lives by not being able to get themselves good paying clients.


Do you have a skill and something to sell?
Having a bitch of a time getting clients?
Keep running out of money?
Tired of borrowing cash to stay afloat?

If you’re thoughts are consumed with how you are going to get clients, then I’m going to make you an offer so good, you can’t refuse.

I am called Father FREEDOM for a reason so listen VERY closely to what I am about to tell you…

Don’t feel ashamed. It’s NORMAL. In fact, it’s the default. You are not alone. I was just like you…

I HATED that I worried so much. Worry is such an annoying emotion.

– It consumed my every thought
– I stayed up late… alone… in my cave trying to figure it out
– Let my body go
– Gave up my hobbies
– Only half “there” around my family and friends
– Guilty af when doing anything except scheming and plotting
– Spirit weakened – manhood shrank
– My mojo and swagger was gone
– Desperate to do anything to get someone to want to work with me

I’d get a client here and there but it was like pulling teeth lol. It felt like a high wire circus act just to get them to say yes. But it gets worse…


Because I was so desperate to get them, I gave them a super low fee they would accept because I didn’t want any chance of them being scared away by a higher price.

I whored myself out for peanuts. Sure, they’d promise good money on the back end and I was actually pretty eager to get rocking for them until reality set in…

It’s gonna take a lot of time to get them enough results to get me paid properly. And I just spent the money. And now I’m stuck: I gotta get another client even though this client needs more attention than I have time to give.

And this first client is now a royal pain in the ass because I’m attracting shit clients. So now my situation feels even WORSE than if I didn’t have the client at all. Because I’m now twice as fucking busy and the same amount of broke!

So I try to get new clients instead of serving the ones I already got. And now I’m literally spending every waking moment “working”. By working, I mean:

– Worrying
– Listening to motivational shit
– Jerking off instead of fucking my girl
– Procrastinating on the little client work I do have

Then I torture myself with fantasies of other ideas about what to sell, fuck it, maybe just sell something different altogether! This seemingly never ending loop was painful to everyone around me because I became anti social… I hid in my cave. Even my girlfriend cheated on me. I could see the light at the end of the tunnel nobody else could. I could see how even one big client could turn everything around.

If you can relate to any of this, today is your lucky day.

Because we are going to break this fucking cycle once and for all. I broke it, and I’ve taught my private students how to break it.


…And I got many for you. Any single one of my ideas could flip everything around for you.

I went from not being able to get a $100 client to being able to close 10x $60,000 high ticket sales with a single Facebook post over 6 days without spending a single penny or hard selling anyone…

In fact, I had them HOPING they can become MY client.

That was not a fluke. I can’t even count (too lazy to even try) the number of clients I’ve picked up on social media over the last 5 years. It’s easy for me, not because I’m gifted, but because I figured out what worked and did it. It just took me a lot of time to figure out that what most people teach around client getting is


Most people teaching how to get clients are wannabe parasites, taking information from guys like me, Sam Ovens, Frank Kern, Travis Sago, regurgitating it, putting their cute little spin on stuff they never tried, and selling it back to you. And it doesn’t fucking work. Because they sold knowledge without wisdom.

Information is free, wisdom is worth paying for.

Everything I’m about to teach you, I did myself many times, over many years. And I taught my students the same. Hell, one motherfucker came to my office in Canada back in 2015 for a 30 min “drop by” because he was in the area. After talking with me, he went and made 10k THAT AFTERNOON. I have a screenshot of our conversation, it’s crazy.

Getting clients is HARD. Thats why so few actually get them. I’m going to give you a


Virtually nobody has clients.

There, I said it. The glamour of social media makes you feel like everyone has a thriving business but you. You are the only one inept at getting clients. The opposite is true. What you are going through is the default.

The vast majority of people can’t get a client to save their lives – even people doing this for YEARS. I know people in this for 10 years and STILL can’t get enough clients to get some real momentum. It’s crazy.

Why am I one of the few that has this figured out? Fucked if I know. But I do know EXACTLY why and how I get them, and I can show you EXACTLY how… and you don’t have to be me, you can be you.

I’m hosting an all day **ONLINE** workshop on August 1st. Like going to school for an entire day, I’m going to take you to client getting school: Client Getting 101. You will book the day off and I will be your professor. A few hours won’t cut it – we gotta fix this issue once and for all.

This will be classroom style – I have purchased wall sized white boards and I will be writing on them WITH MY OWN BLOOD. Jk, it’ll be a student’s blood.

Imagine the best training webinar you’ve ever attended, now multiply that awesomeness by 8. I’m going to give you an entire FOOL PROOF SYSTEM to bringing clients in repeatedly especially if

– Nobody knows you
– You never charged high fees before
– You are scared af
– You don’t know what to say
– You got no money to buy ads and shit

I’ve never taught this system before publicly – my private students know all about this and love it.


#1: You’ll get a step-by-step system to follow to bring in clients right now. This 3-part system works like a charm. I’m also going to show you:

– The surprising “client math” keeping you broke af (I’ll teach you the right equation)
– How to get other people to close your sales for you without paying them upfront: How to find them, what to pay them, and what to say to have them say HELL YES to working for you
– The Rosa Parks strategy to picking up clients fast
– What to say to get calls booked with you
– How to make your sales calls smooth as butter
– Exactly what to say (and when to say it) on the calls. This is my personal strategy based on experience.
– How To Overcome Common objections In A Natural Way
– Getting Paid: Get paid upfront and never chase them down to pay you again
– Should you start part-time and have a job, or just go all in full time?
– The A*N Strategy to pricing your stuff
– How to arrange your service package so it is “must have” instead of “a good deal”
– The Secret Of The Milk Cow Client (and how to get one)
– How to choose the perfect market for your services and how to explain it to them
– Shifting the S&D balance in your favor so you are the one being chased
– Surgically removing the “fraud” feeling so it never creeps back up again
– Traits Of A Highly Successful Service Provider
– What Are The “Make Or Break” Factors In This Business
– How To Be Seen And Respected As An Authority INSTANTLY (Never revealed this before)
– Tearing Down Your Word Prisons: Revealing words you use but don’t even know, that are killing client getting. What they are, what they secretly mean, and what to replace them with
– How To Setup Your Cave Properly
– Eliminating Problem Clients
– How To Deal With Know It All Clients
– How To Take On A Client Who Is Outside Your Area Of Expertise
– How To Deal With Clients You Have Personality Conflicts With
– How To Take On Work You Don’t Have Time To Do
– How To Do Proposals That Win And Don’t Suck
– The Six Killer Client Getting Strategies If You Are Unknown
– How To Properly Ask For And Happily Get Great Referrals
– How To Deal With Family While Going Through The Battle Of Having No Clients
– How To Deal With Debt Collectors And People You Owe Money to


What: Father Freedom’s Client Getting 101
When: August 1st
How long: All day
Where: On Zoom
What you get: All Day Live Workshop / Recordings
How much: $10,000 (Below I show you how to get it for only $97)

This is not free. If you want my undivided attention for a full day, you gotta put a few chips in the pot. I want $10,000 to block out my time that day. We will do this group buy in style, meaning…

…You will pay just $97.

(That’s 10 times less than the cost of one kilo of Serbian Donkey Cheese)


“I never blow smoke up someone’s ass… but only watched an hour of that content created a post and pulled 4k off the back of it”

“One phone call today. $34,000”

“You helped me close a $2,000 deal that personally, I thought I’d get $500 for”

“$7,000. Two $2,500 and one $2,000. Most money I’ve ever made in a month. Fucking love you guys”

“This is not to brag but to show what’s possible when you learn Mitch’s copy and coaching… To date I have closed $15,000 USD, $5,000 GBP & $8,000 AUD since starting with Mitch and his programs”

“Well Mitch, I decided to use that advice by seeing if I could make money and get some clients without spending money. It worked! I made over $10,000”

“When I started, I was making less than $1000 per month, and struggling to figure out how to position, package, and sell my services. In the last 25 days, I’ve had over $300,000 in sales on our package”

“I booked two clients worth $1,500 each. I know its not as big as your other students, but its not bad either”

And hundreds more (you can see our never-ending “wall” of testimonials on our website)

I’ll likely never do this all-day class again and I won’t be selling the recording of this at a later date. You snooze you lose.