Mohamed Ali Aguel – Momentum Marketing Tribe

79.00 $

Mohamed Ali Aguel – Momentum Marketing Tribe

Momentum Marketing Tribe 2019 Online Workshops!
Places are limited and there won’t be any live online workshops covering these subjects again in 2019.
Online Workshop Day 1

​How to effectively use a single 3rd party tool for product research (more than 1 ninja technique will be shared) $147 Value
​How to leverage public data to find winners effortlessly $147 Value
​How to Legally get insider information from your competition (ONLY a handful of people know of this) $197 Value
​How to have your own selection system of what products to test, WITHOUT spending a single dime on ads $297 Value
Q&A until all your questions have been answered $297 Value

​Bonus: How to get ahead of the trends and be a trend creator $147 Value
​Bonus: How to put all of this together step by step and have a scalable, repeatable and outsourceable system to launch 80% winners! PRICELESS

Online Workshop Day 2

How to come up with offers and test them $147 Value
Different Ecommerce Funnels we use, ALL MAPPED OUT. Priceless
Technology stack that won’t break the bank. $197 Value
​Funnel Stacking $247 Value
​Retargeting Ninja Tricks with funnels $197 Value
​Q&A until all your questions have been answered $297 Value

​Bonus: Funnel Maps $47 Value Each
​Bonus: Retargeting Map $147 Value

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What Are the Workshops Dates?
Saturday, March 16th and Sunday March 17th 2019. The Workshops start at 16:00 EST
Who will be teaching?
Mohamed Ali Aguel!
How Long is each Workshop?
Anywhere between 2 to 5 hours
Will there be recordings fo the workshop?
Recordings will be provided. YES!
What is Advisely and why do I need it?
Advisely is what will be the Analytics norm in Direct Response Ecommerce and DTC Brands. It helps ecommerce owners and brands getting accurate numbers through different advertising channels and sales channels while focusing on profitability.
What will Ecom Foundations cover more?
The workshops are just the appetizers! Ecom Foundations course will cover the shopify model in more depth, People, systems, processes, more funnels, Ads and much more…
Are you offering refunds?
Due to the nature of the products offers, LIVE workshops, refunds can not and will not be offered. If you are however thinking about refunding before even investing in yourself, please don’t buy!
Why should I buy these workshops?
There are many reason why you should, to list a few:
– Mohamed Ali Aguel doesn’t teach often, seize the chance when you have it.
– You will be learning battle tested methods, tactics and strategies to better your business and reach your goals.
– There will be 0 theory in the workshop, every piece of material is backed up by hard earned data.
– This won’t be offered again, and if it ever will, the price will be at least double.
– Those who will have access to slack, will be getting PRICELESS support from a world class ecommerce team. The Momentum Marketing Ecommerce Team.