Nathan Thomas – Reframe Magic

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Nathan Thomas – Reframe Magic

“Who Else Wants to Discover The One Secret, Undetectable Tool That Will Give You The Power to Instantly Change Minds, Alter Beliefs, and Create Rapid, Lasting Transformation In Practically Anybody?”Finally You Can Discover The One Simple and Easy Tool That Will Give You More Hypnotic and Persuasive Power Than You Ever Thought Possible!Apply Reframing Into Your Hypnosis and Communication and You Will Be Amazed by the Rapid, Lasting Transformations You Can Create – In Formal Settings, Or Even in Normal Conversations…Are you excited yet? Well get ready, because you’re about to tap into the most powerful persuasive tool known to man.Actually, it’s not just a mere ‘technique’ – it’s a way of thinking and acting that changes the world around you into the way YOU want it to be – and brings others along for the ride.You’re About To Discover How To…

  • Virtually guarantee agreement – no matter what you say or ask for!
  • Rapidly change any negative or limiting belief, even if they’ve been clinging onto it for life
  • Alter someone’s entire indentity, so they get over problems, and unlock resources that had previously been hidden
  • Instantly change anyone’s mood or state of mind, change anger into happiness, fear into excitement, and resistance into acceptance
  • Fully repaint the inner landscape of someone’s mind, giving them the freedom to break out of old habits, and recreate their reality
  • Use the full power of metaphor to blast past resistance and disagreement, and secretly create powerful changes within ordinary conversations (without sounding like a weirdo!)
  • Draw a divide between a person and their problems, so you can finally deal with them on your terms, without having to fight with any of their old issues or baggage
  • Unleash the power of years of changework within one ordinary conversation by layering multiple persuasive framesMaster Reframing and You Gain Full Power Over The Mind – What You Do With This Power is Down To YouIt’s my job on this program to arm you with the most powerful persuasive tool I know.It’s your job to use this well. Sure, improve your own life. Get what you want, and build the reality you want to live in… just help others too!Because I trust you guys to use these skills ethically, I’m cutting the price for the next couple of days, to let the people who are really serious about mastering these skills get in now.

All I ask in return is that you do the world of hypnosis proud. You are now on the cutting edge of this field – use these skills in win : win situations, and you’ll also benefit twice as much.Cutting To The Chase – Here’s What You’re About To Instantly Download…I divided the original audio recording into 8 chapters.Each one focuses on a different area of reframing – from how to use reframing to control your own mind, to how to use it to persuade, influence and transform the lives of others.Each segment has also been transcribed, and you’ll get access to the complete 82 page transcript of the entire program – Including Every Segment!Here’s Exactly What’s On The 8 Audio Segments and 82 Page Transcript…

  • Section 1: Intro – Think About Reframing the Right Way, and Make Success Inevitable
  • Section 2: Reframing Is Reality! How To Unleash The Full Power of Reframing, So it Stops Being Just a “Technique” and Becomes The Gateway To Effortless Transformations
  • Section 3: A New Approach To Learning: How To Easily Absorb The Contents On This Program, and Put It To Work in Your Life
  • Section 4: Reframing Your Life: How To Use The Power of Reframing to Master YOUR World, and Build The Outlook and Life You have Always Wanted
  • Section 5: Your Inputs = Your Outputs. How To Avoid The Number 1 Way Other People Mess Themselves Up, and Stay Locked Onto The Path To Mastery
  • Section 6: Influence Time! How To Use The Phenomenal Power of Story and metaphor To Change Thoughts, Attitudes, Beliefs, and Even Whole Identities… Within Ordinary Conversations!
  • Section 7: The Power of Dissociation. How To Use This To Effortlessly Influence Others, and Also Eliminate Your Own Problems and Limitations
  • Section 8: The Power of “Good Vs. Bad.” How To Use Reframing To Double The Good In Your Life, and Plough Down The Bad – Also Doubles as a Freakishly Powerful Persuasive Tool.