Nesha Woolery – Simple Sales School

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Nesha Woolery – Simple Sales School

Which of these results would you like?

• Due to your programs & guidance, I doubled my income in one year!

• I’ve booked more clients… & almost filled up for two months.

• I got 7 wonderful clients in the first 2 months of opening my business!

I’ve helped thousands of online service-based business owners achieve these results and more, and now I want to help you!

Marketing can feel overwhelming, I know.

Especially if you’re an introvert, right?

And today, with all the social media platforms you think you “should” be on, and all the content you need to create, it’s hard to keep up, let alone stay consistent with it!

If you’re like most online creative service-providers I work with, then you probably feel overwhelmed, discouraged… already wondering how long you can cope with your lack of consistent income before you have to go back to the 9-5 world, right?

I’m guessing you have your business foundations in place (like your website, portfolio, and a small social media following) and you book clients here and there… juuuust not consistent clients and definitely not your ideal clients.

And you’re struggling to make a regular monthly income of more than $3k a month. A secure income that doesn’t just cover your bills but empowers you to live the freedom-filled lifestyle you dream of!

Sound familiar?

When most creatives are struggling to book clients consistently, they think they need to stop selling services and sell a digital product instead, like a course or an ebook.

That must be where the money is, right?

But here’s the hard truth:

If you struggle to sell a service, you won’t be able to sell a product. (Trust me, it’s more complex and requires a much larger following!)

Your problem is not what you sell. It’s the fact that you sell inconsistently because of what I like to call Marketing Overwhelm.

Say “bye-bye” to inconsistent, overwhelming marketing.

Which of these apply to you?

😞 Creating content is overwhelming because it seems like so much to do and it takes so long! It’s hard to create a content plan you actually stick to.

🤯 You feel like you need to be selling everywhere, all at once. Like you should be on LinkedIn, on Tik Tok, on Clubhouse, posting multiple times a day on Instagram, trying Facebook ads… And of course, this results in you spreading yourself thin! It feels like too much for one creative to juggle on top of client work.

👀 You know the simplest way to grow your income is to increase your prices but you’re never confident enough to do it. Could people even afford your new rates? Would they even believe you’re worth that much?!

💻 You’ve watched all the marketing webinars and listened to all the podcasts, but none of it helped you that much. Maybe they gave you some great ideas or things you know you “should” do, but you still somehow backslide into old habits or overwhelm.

After reading that, how much of it resonates with you?

Inconsistent marketing and “marketing overwhelm” is stopping you from attracting your ideal clients, getting booked out, and reaching consistent $5k – $10k months in your online service-based business.

But don’t feel ashamed. It’s not your fault.

Every time you open up Instagram, the “marketing gurus” are telling you to do #AllTheMarketingThings.

Every time you open your favourite podcast, there’s a new episode on why you NEED to start a Youtube channel, or why LinkedIn is the “no.1 place to find clients.”

There’s a lot of people telling you to do a lot of things and be on a lot of platforms, right? And it’s confusing. Of course you’ve found it hard to create and stick to a marketing plan that works when your mind is being pulled in so many directions.

But this is all ok! As long as you realize from this moment on that you don’t need to do more, work harder, and be EVERYWHERE to get more clients.

You need to focus on LESS.

Here’s the secret to booking consistent clients:

Less marketing is MORE.

Let me explain…

If you don’t narrow in on marketing strategies that work really well (and forget about the rest), you will remain an overwhelmed and inconsistent marketer.

And inconsistent marketing keeps you BROKE.

Show me just ONE successful online business owner you look up to who isn’t consistent the majority of the time with their marketing.

You can’t.

That’s because they know what you may not have realized until right now:

You can’t expect consistent clients if you’re not marketing consistently.

It’s like going to the gym for the month of January, then not going for the next few months and expecting to have a six pack in time for your Summer holiday. It’s not going to happen because the result takes consistent effort, and you were NOT consistent.

Being consistent with your marketing may have felt overwhelming until now but it doesn’t have to be.


Because you can simplify your marketing and make more money by doing less of the time-wasting strategies and more of the stuff that actually works!

How can I be so sure?

Because I used to be:

👉 Inconsistent with the marketing of my services.

😞 Overwhelmed about what content to post because I had NO clue what to say.

🙈 Hesitant to share my services because I was afraid of coming across as salesy and pushy.

And now…?

I’m Nesha, a six figure online business mentor and digital nomad. I’m here to help you book consistent clients with ease and scale to $5k – $10k months so you can have the income you need to live the freedom lifestyle you dream of.

I used to waitress and work in retail for minimum wage and now I own a six-figure online business in my twenties. But my business was no overnight success…

Before I learned how to generate consistent income and create recurring £5k – £10k months, I had a year when I only made a £35 profit.

And a few years after that, I still only made £6530 – £7288.

I was struggling so much, I couldn’t even afford a McDonald’s meal!

But when I simplified my marketing, removed the overwhelm, and became consistent, something happened.

For the first time ever, I was booked out with clients for six months!

Then, I was able to use the same marketing methods to sell 1200+ spots in my first online course.

Once I’d finally cracked the code to making consistent income without overwhelm, I was able to live the travel lifestyle I had always dreamed of and save over £100k by my mid-twenties.

You know what can happen when you finally show up and sell confidently and consistently?

✅ Clients come knocking down your digital door (aka. flooding your inbox with inquiries!)

✅ You can go from making under $3k each month to reaching consistent $5k – $10k months.

✅ You get booked out for months and can stop stressing about needing to find a 9-5 job again. Instead, you can get back to feeling excited about your work again.

✅ You have to take down your contact form and replace it with an, ‘I’m currently booked out, sorry!’ message.

✅ You sleep well, knowing you don’t have to worry about where the next client is coming from anymore, or whether you’ll be able to pay your rent next month.

✅ You feel like a legit business owner. Not an imposter.

And that’s not all…

✨ You stop doubting whether you are good enough to be your own boss because the clients flooding your inbox PROVE that you are.

✨ You stop comparing yourself to the “successful” business owners in your niche and BECOME one of the business owners other creatives compare themselves to.

✨And that fear of failure that hung over your head before? The fear that your business would be one of the businesses that “fail within the first three years”? The fear that your family would be right – you DIDN’T have what it takes to build a successful business? Yeah… that all goes away and you prove them sooo wrong.

Consistent clients and $5k+ months don’t just give you financial security and stability. They allow you to finally live the lifestyle you dream of!

The lifestyle where you have enough money to…

✈️ Travel the (post-Covid) world without staying in crummy hostels and sharing a bathroom with strangers.

🏡 Buy your first home and comfortably make those mortgage repayments.

💻 Ditch your day job (if you’re still in one) and be your own boss full-time!

👯‍♀️Hire that virtual assistant you’ve been dreaming of so you can finally outsource the tasks you hate and get some of your time back!

🥦 Buy organic veggies without feeling like you’re breaking the bank. (Whee!)


Simple Sales School™ isn’t a marketing course like all the others you’ve taken.

It’s an in-depth 8-module online video course to help you take your online service-based business to consistent $5k – $10k months using a simple 8-step framework.

👉 You learn how to choose a profitable niche that will help you stand out as a go-to expert online. And you know how it goes: experts get paid expert prices!

👉 You learn my proven Price-Raise Formula: How to confidently raise your prices and turn your raise into a special offer that can help you get booked out for MONTHS.

👉 You’ll understand how to use storytelling to take your ideal clients from lurking on your Instagram to knocking down your digital door (aka. inbox) asking for your soonest availability.

👉 You’ll discover the stealthy way to turn your email subscribers into clients on AUTOPILOT. This includes learning how to schedule 6 months of emails in just one day!

👉 You’ll see how to turn your Instagram followers into clients (even if you have a small following.)

👉 And you’ll learn how to create a unique-to-you marketing calendar that ensures your marketing schedule fits around your life and feels doable, NOT daunting.

See What’s Waiting for You Inside Once You Become a Student…

Week 1: The Single Most Important Factor to Booking Clients Consistently and Reaching $5k-$10k Months

You need to have one thing in place before trying ANY new marketing strategies. In fact, if you don’t have this one thing, you could try a million marketing tactics and every single one of them would flop.

Can you guess what I’m talking about?

Self-belief. Confidence.

Self-belief makes marketing a thousand times easier. And it makes your success not only possible but inevitable. That’s why in this module, you’ll learn how to release your fear-based money mindsets so you can get out of your own way and confidently ask for (and earn) more money.

During Week #1, You’ll Discover:

  • How to release limiting money beliefs that are causing you to leave THOUSANDS of dollars on the table.
  • The proven mindset shift that will help you sell without feeling or being salesy.
  • How to ditch your self-doubt and imposter syndrome so you can put yourself out there & sell with CONFIDENCE.
  • And more!