NeuroMovement Breathing for Life by Anat Baniel

22.00 $

NeuroMovement Breathing for Life by Anat Baniel


The lessons in this program, will increase the mobility and awareness of your rib cage, spine, clavicles, sternum, diaphragm and all the parts of your body that need to be available for breathing. Most importantly, new patterns will be formed in your brain, leading to these transformations:

  • Enhanced breathing capacity
  • Increased flexibility
  • Pain reduction
  • More energy and vitality
  • Reduced anxiety
  • Better sleep
  • Greater awareness and creativity
  • Greater sense of well-being and joy
  • Stronger, more youthful voice.

Anat developed this program in collaboration with Pete Bissonnette, CEO of Learning Strategies.

The program contains:

  • 10 NeuroMovement lessons ranging in length from 20 – 30 minutes designed to focus on improving your breathing skills. Each lesson is preceded by a 5-minute body scan.
  • A 20-minute introduction to the basics of how your breathing system works presented by Anat Baniel and Dr. Neil Sharp, a former physician and professional opera singer who is now a NeuroMovement practitioner and trainer.
  • A 45 minute question and answer session with Anat related to the program hosted by Pete Bissonette of Learning Strategies.

“I did all of the lessons, and I noticed I’m smiling more and sleeping much more. With my chronic pain I barely slept and I had developed chronic fatigue that is now gone, asthma from muscle contraction is almost all gone, and my voice is stronger. Pain went from a constant 10 to a consistent manageable 2 to 4. I have much better mental comprehension memory of things I’m supposed to do, this makes it easier for me to go out and complete tasks.”
– Tawasi R. H. from Moscow, Idaho