Oren Klaff – Pitch Mastery

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Oren Klaff – Pitch Mastery

Get the method that closed over $400 million in deals. If you’re selling ideas to investors, presenting to JV partners or pitching client for new business, Oren Klaff’s Pitch Mastery is made to work for you.


You’re sitting across from the one person who can help you secure the biggest deal of the year. Instead of listening to you, he’s texting on his phone and then tells you he has to take another call in few minutes.

Your next move means the difference between big bucks or going back to the drawing board.

Oren Klaff knows exactly what to do next.

In addition to personally closing over $450 million in deals, Oren has done 10,000+ hours of research on the science of how the human brain makes decisions and responds to pitches.

He has tested this research in some of the toughest boardrooms in the world. After nearly half a billion dollars in closed deals, Oren knows what works and what doesn’t.

He’s distilled it all down into an easily-learned and scientifically-repeatable system: the STRONG Method.

What Oren has discovered will surprise you. His methods are unlike anything you’ve seen before—and many of them run counter to the sales and marketing strategies we’ve long accepted as gospel.

However, as you dig deeper, Oren’s approach becomes less and less counter-revolutionary and ever more relevant and easy to put into practice.

Here’s what’s irrefutable: The STRONG Method will show you how to walk into any room, grab and keep your target’s attention and walk out with a done deal—whether you’re looking to secure capital, partner on a joint venture or close a new client.

It also works in the online space to help you create effective online videos and sales presentations for significant increases in your close ratios.

For the first time, Oren is offering a step-by-step blueprint to applying his STRONG Method in the new Pitch Mastery System