Peaceful University – Launch 31: Your Fast-Action Expert Website Blueprint

18.00 $

Peaceful University – Launch 31: Your Fast-Action Expert Website Blueprint



Launch Action Planner calendar (pdf) shows you each of the 31 action steps you’ll be taking to launch your website. (Print it out and hang it next to your Launch 31 workstation!)

11-Page Content Blueprint guides you through the process of writing, curating, and creating your 11 key pages of website copy and content. We’ve already identified the 11 pages you really need to have on your website. This thorough guide helps you through the process of writing and creating each page’s content so that you’re ready to implement as soon as the 31-day action plan unlocks! (You’ll have 14 days before the Launch Action Planner unlocks, so you’ll have to put your procrastination Turtle away and hustle!)

Squarespace Blueprint every step you need to take to implement your content and get it launched on your domain. We’ll start by showing you which Squarespace account to get and all the bells and whistles that come with your account. We even have a way to get a discount on your Squarespace annual fees. Normally it’s $144/yr*; includes hosting and one year of domain registration if you’d like (a $20/year value). We’ve recorded 31 daily videos to guide you through your implementation action steps mapped out in the Launch Action Planner.

MailChimp Blueprint every step you need to take to deliver your freebie or lead generation magnet (free guide, ebook, pdf, digital goodie) and integrate opt-in forms on your Squarespace site. Note: we do NOT teach other email marketing services or CRMs in this program. It’s all about MailChimp for budget friendliness and simplicity for small businesses!

Marketing Templates we’ll show you how to use free online design tools like Canva, but we’ll also give you the nicely designed, well-written documents so that you have a starting place for your copy and design. We show you how to create list-building freebies (lead magnets) that look good and work in today’s busy world. We even give you a boilerplate for professional autoresponder emails so you can tweak and customize and get going with your online biz!

Private Facebook Group nothing beats community and accountability when it comes to meeting a tight deadline and goal!! You’ll find friends and maybe even business colleagues or launch partners in this thriving group of go-getters!!

Site Goes Live in 45 days … to reiterate, you’ll have 14 days with your 11-Page Content Blueprint to prepare all of your website copy and content (with our detailed strategy and support). Then the 31-Day Launch Action steps unlock for you to follow along as JAM teaches you step-by-step implementation.

PLUS, Your Free Bonus: Resonant Brand Series! as a member of the Launch 31 community you’ll get free access to our brand new course, Resonant Brand Series, featuring expert advice from 6 of our key strategists and go-to industry leaders in social media, design, copywriting, video, photography, and content marketing. Our mission is to take you beyond a beautiful website to the place where you truly stick in people’s minds. Where you resonate and compel visitors to sign up, take action, comment, and, ultimately, purchase from you. A $197 Value — yours free!

The Launch 31 program is a good fit for you if…

  • You need help “pulling everything together”
  • You learn best while doing / practicing / implementing yourself (with someone guiding the way and steering the boat)
  • You are tired of googling for answers and watching semi-relevant DIY videos on youtube
  • You just want someone to walk you through every step
  • You’re ambitious, but willing to be patient with yourself and follow a blueprint
  • You are tired of going backwards to do the steps that you didn’t know you needed until now
  • You love working among comrades and people following a similar pursuit and passion area
  • You are committed 100%
  • You understand that this is a DIY course. (We can lead a horse to water, but we aren’t interested in making it drink.)
  • You’re willing to push pause on the “But I’m not a tech person” program and try things that you might not have thought you could do before
  • You really want a bad ass, professional website that feels like “you” and your brand
  • You get the importance of email marketing and list-building and you want that integrated on your website so that it’s more than a brochure on the web
  • You understand that there is a 14-day content creation/curation period (guided) before we get into the 31-day content implementation action steps (45 days total)
  • You’re doing good in the world
  • You’re respectful of others and yourself

It’s not a good fit for you if…

  • You often say mean things to people
  • You’re convinced that if your website doesn’t look like “So & So’s” website then you won’t be successful
  • You have a massive ego
  • You want us to teach you about Infusionsoft, Leadpages, Ontraport, Facebook ads or anything else in the advanced courses of online marketing (we’ll be teaching those things later…first, get good at the fundamentals!)
  • You don’t want to build a website on Squarespace or email list on MailChimp (sorry, maybe a different course down the road for you)
  • You don’t learn well by doing the work or you’d simply rather hire somebody else to do it for you (this is geared towards people who want to “own” their website and marketing channels to the fullest degree possible)
  • You put out negative, scammy messages or you’re “just in it for the money” — sorry, you’re just not our people. We want to enrich people who give a damn about humanity and the planet. #letsdomoregood
  • You can’t stand it when people happy dance and have fun in a learning environment. We’ll save you the refund on your credit card now… cause we LOVE to dance!!!