Peter Bennet – TheCryptoVault Masters in Crypto Trading

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Peter Bennet – TheCryptoVault Masters in Crypto Trading

Our training course is designed to take you from a zero to a hero trading the crypto markets in no time at all! You won’t find a better market education anywhere.

Master Course Core Features

With the right training there are no limits to the profits you can make

10 LIVE Classes

Over 40 hours of LIVE training (via online webinars). Each class is recorded and available for playback if you miss a lesson.

Quizzes & Assignments

Two quizzes, a series of homework assignments (including the creation of a trading plan!) which will help you truly understand and retain the material you learn in class.

One on One Time

Schedule a phone call with PB to get your questions answered directly.

Private Members Chat

Upon purchase of the course, you get access to the members only channel in our chatroom. Here you can collaborate with peers in the course and get direct access to PB 24/7!

Ongoing Support & Mentorship

Once you finish the Master course, you are a part of the family! We will continue to provide support, advice, and mentorship. Plus you get exclusive access to Master Course Only material.

Live Platform Walkthrough

Learn the ins and outs of the proprietary cryptovault platform before using it to trade live. PB shows you exactly how to find the signals, chart the coin, and enter the trade.

40+ Hours of Intense Crypto Training

Learn from and gain access to one of the most influential cryptocurrency traders of our time. Our Master course along with our proprietary trading platform will give you a true edge so you can begin to build your path to financial freedom.

WEEK 1 ( 4 DAYS )

The first week is all about breaking you down and rebuilding within you a new foundation of thought and how to safely navigate a market. Out with the old, in with the new in regards to how to interpret a market or any given chart. What’s important, what’s not important and our favorite things to looks for.

  • What makes up the core foundation of every great trader
  • Good trader vs bad trader
  • Different chart types and how I use them
  • Why news = noise
  • My favorite money making pattern + the other 3 things I look for outside of our code
  • Using support and resistance the correct way
  • When Volume Matters (with how I trade its only one scenario!)
  • The Importance of Multi-Time Frame Charting (Broadview Charting)
  • Trading for Sat’s vs USD’s
  • Deception in media
  • Muhhh manipulation
  • Why less is more

WEEK 2 ( 4 DAYS )

The 2nd week will be more interactive and when the fun begins as we open up access to the platform to you. We’ll be taking the principles and patterns we went over in week 1 and applying them to multiple live examples WITHOUT our code (you must master the basics before you can use the platform and code, its for your own protection!) Then we’ll move to charts with our code and go over a ton of live examples. Agenda Includes:

  • Live CryptoVault Platform Walk Through
  • Chart Structure and applying week 1 principles
  • Fundamental vs trading positions
  • Sizing Trades
  • Risk mitigation/management
  • Layering/laddering positions.
  • How I use my trading stack as the engine to build a risk free portfolio of alts
  • How to properly see charts without signals (Needs to be mastered Before you start adding in our signals!)
  • How to properly use our platform with signals and your new foundation
  • Trading psychology
  • Live examples, Live Q&A


This is where the fun really starts, because you can pay for this course 100x over with the profits you can earn from trading with our tools in the real market.

  • Apply what you’ve learned in a real market environment and start earning some profits!
  • Receive our proprietary charting software and see tops and bottoms of any coin so you can enter and exit at maximum profit
  • Receive access to our TCV Chat to analyze, discuss, and talk about profitable trades and new events