Robert Deel – Money Management Techniques

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Robert Deel – Money Management Techniques


As the founder and Ceo of, Robert Deel, who is also a trading strategist, author, and widely recognized trading expert, has trained individuals and professional traders from around the world on the subjects of trading psychology, technical analysis, and tactical trading.

One of Deel’s training techniques involves his DDRL (direction, discipline, risk, and leverage) equation, which helps traders examine their personal trading abilities and methodologies. The equation pinpoints their individual problem areas in selection, timing, risk, or money management, and it can help them ascertain how much leverage they should use.

Deel, who practiced dentistry early in his professional life, is also a former portfolio manager who once managed millions and acted as the trading strategist and advisor for a firm in California. He appears regularly on television and radio, and is the author of Trading The Plan: Build Wealth, Manage Money, And Control Risk, as well as The Strategic Electronic Day Trader. What can he tell us about risk and money management? STOCKS& COMMODITIES Editor Jayanthi Gopalakrishnan called him on July 30, 2003, to find out.