S3 Method AdSkills – Travis Sago & Justin Brooke

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S3 Method AdSkills – Travis Sago & Justin Brooke

Agency Owner: Do you have a secret fear of losing a client?

“My ad agency was on the razor’s edge, and losing a single client would have me on the brink of bankruptcy”

“But I made 60k the first time I used this ‘S3 Method,’ and my life was changed… forever.”

Do you feel like your agency’s financial health is on a slippery slope?

Are you under constant stress? The prospect of losing just one client would cause all kinds of alarm bells to go off?

I get it, I was in that exact situation… All. Day. Long. Until I was introduced to the S3 Method by a mentor, and now good friend… let’s call him Mr. X.

The S3 method rescued me from near bankruptcy, and has changed everything. I’ve been having 6 figure months like clockwork, ever since.

Right around 2014, I was much less known back then. My name, ‘Justin Brooke’ alone, was no client magnet… at all.

If I lost a client, man… I felt it! I’d be left with just enough money to run my business and pay the bills.

And not a penny more.

IM Scalable, my old agency, needed to quickly find a “replacement” client or things would go south, fast.

And even if we were lucky enough to get a referral and replace the lost client… the whole “scrambling for clients” situation was bound to happen again.

Getting that one client didn’t really solve our REAL issue… it just bought us some time.

Still, I couldn’t sleep on retainer renewal days until I saw all the payments had come through.

Because the REAL problem was, we had no wait list of affluent clients.

We had no means to set up and dial in a webinar… no money to hire a good salesperson… and absolutely no time to spend on strategy sessions with unqualified prospects.

We were up to our knees in client work, even with a few clients.

I found myself forced to figure out a way to bring in clients with what I had: half an hour a day after waking up, before my first client call in the morning… and my social media account with a few business connections.

That’s where Mr. X’s method came into play. I could literally divide my life in 2 different eras: BS3 and AS3 (before S3 and after S3).

Before S3, I had a big identity crisis with…

High-Pressure Sales Tactics:
How To Feel Miserable Every Day Of Your Life

As you may know, an agency sales cycle can easily take between 3 to 6 months before it comes into fruition.

But the worst part is the follow up. The constant chasing of the prospects.

I hated the feeling of people constantly saying “no” to my face. And I hated even more having to call or email a prospect for the 7th time within the month, to get them to convert.

“Have you read the proposal (I slaved over the weekend to deliver because you said it was urgent) yet?”

I still feel it in my stomach when I think about it today

And if on the off chance they didn’t ignore me and now wanted to jump on a “quick call”… I got the cold sweats.

As you probably know by now, I hate any type of high pressure selling method. I hate to be breathing down my clients’ necks.

And I know they hate it too.

I despised sales. Resented it.

Until Mr. X came along and taught me…

How To Turn ‘Water Into Wine’:
The Miraculous Simple Sales Process

Most people assume sales systems have to be hard. Complicated.

It’s “common knowledge” you must hustle, chase after clients and aggressively persuade them into buying from you.

But that’s just WRONG.

Take a look at Fortune 500 companies, for example. Those guys have huge sales teams, and they deal with constant turnover. Do you really think they have the time to train every single salesperson into an entangled, tortuous sales process?

Nope. They run it simple. To the point.

That’s exactly what Mr. X taught me. He came up with a system which not only is so simple that you can pick it up within a few hours… But it’s also a breeze to execute.

In fact, he says that “If you can’t put your offer into a notepad file or a handwritten letter, give it to the right person and have them say I WANT THAT, then no amount of song and dance will help you.”

And I couldn’t agree with him more.

Especially in the agency world…

What we sell isn’t some abstract, arcane knowledge.

Prospects don’t need to climb a 1,000-step sales funnel before they can grasp the value of media buying.

We’re selling TRAFFIC to businesses who DEPEND ON DAILY TRAFFIC TO SURVIVE.

The right clients know they need us.

We just have to find a way to get in front of them and make an offer they can’t refuse.

Mr X and his students, including me, have used S3 to sell $1,000… $5,000… all the way up to $40,000 services, consultancy or products. I’m pretty sure you could go even higher ticket than that.

But the true magic in this process is it lures the best clients. It makes them raise their hands and show they’re interested in what you have to offer.

You become the “chooser,” instead of the “beggar.”

And when you get clients to chase you instead, you become a “sensation.” Someone people look up to. You get more recommendations… and attract bigger clients, who pay more.

You build your affluent client waitlist and quit the feast or famine cycle.

Before S3, I was so busy servicing my clients, I ended up forgetting about sales. Once I lost a client or finished the work with them, I was scrambling again… because I’d stopped prospecting. This vicious cycle repeated and repeated.

Never again.

Sounds far fetched? I can understand. It took me a while to believe it could be this straight forward.

Let me prove it to you with…

My Experience With the S3 Method:
How I Landed My Dream Clients

Once I met Mr. X and decided to take up his offer, everything changed. The fogginess on my sales process went *poof*.

As I told you, I wasn’t nearly the “big name” I am today. And my margins were thin, so I was always worried when the next client would fire me.

Cause, let’s face it… that’s just how the agency business is. You eventually lose clients for no good reason.

But I learned the S3 Method and took it to heart. I applied it to a tee. The first time I ever did it… I sold $60,000+ within a week.

Best of all, these were all consulting deals. So I didn’t even have to set up the campaigns. I could just show them how to do it themselves.

I knew, right then, that I’d never “go hungry” again.

This method eventually led me to land some of my Dream Clients:

  • Dan Kennedy
  • Ed O’Keefe
  • Russell Brunson
  • John Assaraff
  • Ryan Deiss
  • Several divisions of Agora…

…to name a few.

This method has been responsible for my biggest day… biggest month… and biggest year, ever.

Mr X. has been teaching this system for years, and has a group of about 100 students just like me.

Combined, we’ve made tens of millions with this system.

I myself have had several six figure months since mastering his method… along with a couple six figure days.

Sounds crazy, I know, but on two different occasions, I had a Facebook post generate me $100,000 days. I’ll tell you more about this shortly.

The S3 Method is the answer to the question…

“How can I streamline my sales process?”

At times, new agency guys can just swoop in and get to work with some of the best clients… often within weeks.

While others are overthinking, overcomplicating everything and overworking themselves. They spend months on their funnels before they ever reach a client.

Tell me… have you tried any of these methods before?

  • Cold emailing or cold calling: That method has little leverage and is based on high pressure tactics, which lead to resentment from both sides
  • Automated webinar funnel: Those take way too long to set up, cost a fortune and there’s no guarantee they’ll even work.
  • Hiring a boiler room worth of slick sales guys: We need something less expensive, which doesn’t make our business prone to lawsuits!
  • Writing lengthy blog posts, articles and books or attending all the events: Those are complicated and take a loooong time before they can yield results… if they ever do.
  • Paid ads: Paid ads are great, but you can’t ride a dead horse. You need to hit the nail on the head with the right offer, before you can profitably resort to paid ads (and yes, I’m aware of the irony right now!)

The intelligent solution is to have a proven offer strategy.

The secret behind the success of the S3 Method is best explained by Jim Rohn’s quote:

“1. Find something good to say.
2. Say it well.
3. Say it often.”

Most agency owners who can’t get clients skip step 1.

There’s NOT a single funnel, copywriting secret or paid ads hack going to save them.

As long as they’re missing STEP 1, they’ll sound like everyone else… and their efforts go to waste.

Once they discover how to connect their message with their dream clients?

Watch out!

Leads and clients rush in so fast it’ll make your head spin.

That Doesn’t Mean You Have To Be A Copywriter…

The beauty of this method is S3 doesn’t rely on world class copywriting. It’s about offering insight into your prospects’ present pain.

Each message is designed to swoop up a portion of your audience… and the whole system is rigged to make them single themselves out. To get them to chase after you.

One by one.

You just gotta figure out the right thing to say in simple, everyday English. (S3 will teach you how).

If it resonates, BOOM. You’re in.

If it doesn’t, you just go back to the drawing board, and have a new message up the same day.

It won’t even cost you anything to run these tests.

And Mr X designed the system to be foolproof and work with simple, 6th grade level English.

Sounds good?

If the idea of becoming sought after and ditching all those complicated, costly methods of (not) getting clients appeals to you…

This might be the best offer you’ll hear this entire year.

But before that, let me tell you…

Why Now is The Best Time To Get the S3 Method

I’ve been quietly using this method for quite a few years, now.

And finally, after a looong negotiation with Mr X, he caved and allowed me to license it, so I could present this to you.

I couldn’t be more thrilled…But now, I gotta make him proud!

So, I’m gonna do everything in my power to make sure the first batch of students really knocks it out of the park.

That’s why I’m personally going to be helping you and the other 99 people who take the 100 spots we’re opening to this program.

I’m making it my mission for these first 100 people to make at least $1,000,000 in sales within the first 90 days.

I’ll be your ring-side coach. I’ll be there for you, guiding you through it, to ensure S3 hits it out of the ballpark, for you.

I’ll personally help you create your first S3 campaign. And second, third…

After we give it a go, you’ll run a quick test to see how it does. We’ll be able to tell within an hour.

And if you’re not being hit left and right with messages from affluent clients?

We will go back to the drawing board, and craft a brand new message. Usually, on the same day.

It might take us a few days. Maybe a few weeks, if we take it REAL slow. But we’ll nail it.

I’m giving my sweat and blood to these first few lucky ones.

I’m gonna be giving away a lot of my own time.

This is the reason why I can only open 100 spots. I’m totally committed to holding your hand, and guiding you through.

I want you to absolutely kill it. I want to make it HARD TO FAIL.

And once these 90 days are over, I’m gonna be overflowing with success stories, and this product is gonna sell itself.

I’m going to give it all I got… so, it’s very much likely I’ll never offer this kind of personal hand-holding… ever again.

If you want to have myself coaching you through the whole process, aiming to get you 3 to 9 clients over the next 90 days…

I’ll even let you take S3 for a 30 day test-drive, and use it to fill up your sales pipeline… more on that in a second.

Now, all I have left to do is tell you…

How to get started

The S3 Method has one main purpose: To transform you into a client magnet.

To stop you from wasting time and money on methods that take forever to yield any results, if any at all.

When you’re inside, you’ll have access to all 14 videos and 13 resource downloads which will teach you everything about how to become a “client chooser,” instead of being a “client beggar.”

If this claim seems a bit far fetched, I want you to know that I don’t play games. I can honestly say that AdSkills, my company, only offers the highest level of marketing training