Scott Oldford – 5 Day Marketing and Sales Workshop

25.00 $

Scott Oldford – 5 Day Marketing and Sales Workshop

The truth is, the major reason someone can’t scale their business to the next level?
Marketing and Sales…

And even more than that…

Most Entrepreneurs either use hope and luck… pure hustle… or just a single source of leads to turn into customers.

Right now, it’s time to be smart about this business thing.

Because when you are, your entire business changes.

I’ve been selling things online since I was a kid.

And in 2018, after helping sell hundreds of millions of dollars of services and products…

I developed a method that has worked, time and time again for helping online businesses scale.

It’s a methodology that brings all the parts of marketing that really makes sense.

And it’s been used by some of the top 6, 7 and 8-figure online businesses with great success for scaling their business.

Because, when you don’t have a system for marketing and sales in your business correctly…

Your business is on a rollercoaster, each and every month…

In less than 5 days, I’m going to help you understand how to scale your business with one of the most powerful marketing and sale methodologies on the planet… and ensure you leave with a plan you can implement….

The truth is… I also want you to implement this method, because it’s so powerful.


Most people need to know how it works AND they need a plan so they can implement it.

You have the inability to grow, easily…

You can’t hire or delegate because you’re afraid…

[ DAY 1 ]


Why relevancy is so important and how to use the key ingredients inside of relevancy to easily become the “go to” person in your industry.

How to create the “light bulb” moment inside of your perfect customer that makes it impossible not to work with you.

The 5-step process for developing relevancy, NO MATTER WHAT YOU SELL.

The relevancy grid and framework that has helped countless Entrepreneurs build their brand and become irresistible in their business.

How to ensure that you only attract your perfect fit customers that creates massive alignment.

How to ensure that your offers are optimized for exactly who is inside of your audience and ensure that you build an audience of people that are actually going to buy.

How to use the SSF Method of messaging and the 9 P’s of messaging to ensure that you’re always speaking the right language.

How to ensure relevance across all your different platforms and channels, with what works the best.

Plus… everything that is important for actually building that moment of someone saying… “This is for me… I’m in”.

In total, on day one we’re going to make sure that people know that it’s YOU that they need and that you’re positioned to be a leader in your niche allowing you to charge more and get more people to say “YES” to your offers.

[ Where’s the
“WIN” emoji? ]

(these screenshots are from those that have signed up for the workshop)

I want to work with you, either in my method course or my mentorship.

However, as we both know… Those who understand how something will work for them, will take action much more quickly.

Which is why I’ve developed…

Now, I’m going to be totally upfront and honest with you.

In this 5-day intensive workshop, I’m going to go through everything you need to know for scaling your business with online marketing, in the most detail I’ve ever given publicly outside of any of my higher end $1-50K+ programs.

1). Intimate knowledge and understanding of one of the most effective marketing and sale methods that can be used in your online business


2). An action plan and strategy that you’ve developed with me, each and every one of the 5 days that we spend together.

By the end of this workshop, across 5 days, you’re going to learn 2 core very important things:

I’ve developed this so I can create a level of understanding, direction, clarity and certainty for your online marketing and sales.

You hate the peaks and valleys of revenue (and profit)…

You can’t make good choices…

And it’s easy to become an emotional wreck making the decisions at the wrong time.

Further, you know because you look around and see that there’s an intellectual, proven way that doesn’t involve just working more, to help you scale your business.