Scott Redler – Path to Profits

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Scott Redler – Path to Profits

Salepage: Scott Redler – Path to Profits

What’s the difference between pro traders and amateurs?

Professionals must generate consistent cash flow in the market to make mortgage, car, and student loan payments. Period.

If you can’t generate consistent profits, you don’t get a paycheck.

Pros have to net money. They either thrive and achieve their financial goals, or they exit the business altogether.

Path to Profits is the result of Chief Strategic Officer Scott Redler’s 20+ years of successful real-world trading experience.

Scott has succeeded as a pro trader since 1999, working through the dot-com boom & crash, the 2003-2007 recovery, the financial crisis, and the decade-long bull market off the 2009 bottom.

That’s why we call Path to Profits a “reality-based trading system.”

It’s not what sounds good in a textbook or academic paper.

It’s literally how Scott has earned a living over the past two decades.

Path to Profits is an alternative to overly complicated trading systems that just don’t deliver results where it counts.

What You Get In Path to Profits

Path to Profits is a powerful video course that takes you step-by-step through Scott’s unique trading system.

You receive 2 hours of on-demand video, Scott’s 179-page course guide, plus an incredible bonus that multiplies the value of the program. (more on this below)

Throughout Path to Profits, you’ll notice that Scott’s entire system is based around harnessing price action.

In Scott’s world, there is no room for dramatic predictions about the economy and politics.

He’s also thrown out confusing, unproven indicators and other “shiny objects.”

Like every real trader, Scott gets paid for accurately assessing price action – and nothing else. It’s how he pays the bills.

His #1 strength is his ability to block out the fluff, and focus on reading price action to find trades.

You have two choices as a trader.

Either read the market correctly and profit.

Or remain frustrated as your account shrinks while the years fly by…

Your Path to Profits Curriculum

Module 1: Welcome to the Program

Module 2: Moving Averages for Rapid Trend Analysis

Module 3: Turning Chart Patterns Into Potential Profits

Module 4: The Red Dog Reversal Strategy

Module 5: The H Sell Setup

Module 6: Professional Trade Management with the Tier System

Module 7: Putting the System Together With Active Trading Sequences