Simon Foster – Affinity Designer: Solid Foundations

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Simon Foster – Affinity Designer: Solid Foundations

‘I’ve done some Affinity Designer tutorials on YouTube, but they just cover one tool or technique. How do I actually create good designs, start to finish?’

‘There are so many tools in Affinity Designer! So many things to remember! As a beginner what do I need to know and what do I not need to know?’

‘How do I know when I’ve learned the really important stuff?’

Enrol on this course and find out just how well I can answer these questions. I’ve been a designer for nearly 30 years. I’ve spent thousands of hours working in various design studios and now I’m bringing that experience to Affinity Designer. Over the years I’ve learned what matters when you are creating good design and what doesn’t. What clients want to see and what keeps them coming back to you. What tools work and what traps there are to catch you out. Also things like where to start when enhancing an image for your design work. What steps you should take and in what order. Things like selecting the right tool for the job because just learning a tool isn’t enough. How to use a tool but also when to use it, what problems you may encounter and, perhaps most importantly, why to use it.

The course gives you a thorough grounding in the tools and techniques you need to know when you are producing good design. These tools and techniques are so fundamental that I make sure that they are covered properly and in detail. Practically every image you see is available as a download so you can follow along and I’ve also created many practice videos. Not a multi choice quiz where you just have to remember the name of a tool. That’s not enough – you need practical exercises for a program like Affinity Designer and I give you exactly that in a unique way.

Your practical exercises are consistent. After you’ve watched the tutorials I’ll give you a task and tell you what I want you to do with it. Then you have a choice. You can listen to the advice I give you about how to do the job, or you can skip the advice and try doing the exercise. Then come back to the video and I’ll show you how I did it. I’ll also give you some valuable tips about tools, techniques and workflow along the way so you can really nail down the fundamental concepts and be ready to move on to more advanced subjects.

Did you notice I said ‘fundamental’ twice instead of ‘basic’? There’s a reason for that. This course is aimed at beginners and existing users who want to round out their knowledge but that doesn’t mean it’s over simplified. Heck, no! You will learn the same tools and techniques that are used in professional studios. I’ve been in quite a few design studios in my time and – just between you and me – there’s things on this course that I’ve had to explain to people who use Illustration programs on a daily basis. That’s something I can do for you too. As well as being a designer for decades I also spent some time as a teacher and my university degree is all about how people learn. And it is my firm belief that the right way to learn something like Affinity designer is not to just learn the tools. The right way is to learn the right workflow. You learn the right workflow by using the right tools for the job, and the best way to use them.

After learning about vector based tools we’ll tackle more topics about enhancing photos for use in your design work. You’ll also practice these new techniques. Things like half a dozen different ways to select areas of your picture and the pros and cons of each. Learn best working practices and gotchas while you learn about vector based shapes, text, artboards, gradients, selective colorization or pro level dodge and burn techniques. Layer blend modes? So many people get confused by them. Give me 20 minutes and you’ll wonder why anyone would ever find them challenging. Learn the differences between vector shapes and bitmaps. Layer masks? So useful yet sometimes so confusing. Let me explain them to you and make them a vital part of your new skillset.

By the end of the course you will have mastered various effective workflows, start to finish. You will gain the confidence to tackle your own vector illustrations, be able to enhance photos, and one day soon you may well be looking at one of your own designs and thinking ‘That looks fantastic! I did that…’

Enrol now. Don’t forget you have the 30 day money back guarantee so you have nothing to lose and so much to gain. Learn Affinity Designer from someone who knows what’s important and knows how to teach. Get ready to be an effective designer. Get ready to make your work shine!

What you’ll learn:

  • How to produce effective vector based images
  • How to produce good design
  • Real world best design studio practices
  • Prepare photos for use in design projects
  • The important tools in Affinity Designer
  • The right way to use the tools in Affinity Designer