Sukh Sidhu – Online Trainer Facebook Ads System

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Sukh Sidhu – Online Trainer Facebook Ads System

The best things about it

  1. Nobody else is running ads properly which makes this funnel work even better
  2. It’s so simple even a 12 year old could go through this course and then build winning ad campaigns for online trainers

In this course I give you a step by step walkthrough of how to create the exact funnel my students and I are using in our businesses to generate leads and clients for our online training businesses in an almost automated fashion (some occasional tweaking required)

We give you:

The 2 stage ad approach – Ads don’t work like they used to. We’ve developed a 2 stage approach that allows you to build a huge audience without a huge budget and then spend next to nothing on turning that audience into high quality leads

How To Retarget – Retargeting urgh, sounds hard. And it is if you haven’t got someone walking you through how to do it. You don’t know what you don’t know as they say. But luckily for you I walk you through exactly how to create retargeting audiences who already pay attention to you and who are just waiting for you to tell them what to do

Key Pages – I’ll show you exactly what you’re opt-in page looks like so instead of people just clicking your ads they’re actually opting in to what you’re offering. I’ll also show you how to create a thank you page that turns any of those leads who are ready to buy into clients right away

Email Sequence – What happens to a lead once they opt-in for your free thing? Well we put them into an email sequence of course. And in this training I give you a complete template all emails included that you simply have to copy and paste into your own business. This is the same template responsible for generating thousands of clients for my OFB students

You’ll learn::

How to build a huge audience and following even if you have neither right now. Without spending a fortune or having to go viral!

How to remove any competition by making sure its you who has your audiences attention (no fighting for your audiences attention)

How to keep your cost per lead down by only showing certain ads to the people who are ready to see them

How to create high converting opt-in pages that turn clicks from Facebook into actual leads

How to take advantage of any red hot leads and give them a way to buy straight away

How to systematically take someone from having never heard of you to knowing exactly who you are, your story, how you can help them, who you’ve helped before and what they need to do to get your help

How to do all that without needing to spend a fortune, be great at technology, you don’t even need a website or any fancy software

This is for you if:

  1. You want a consistent reliable flow of leads and clients that allows you to accurately predict and plan for how much money you’re going to make each month
  2. You want to be generating leads everyday without having to be glued 24/7
  3. You want to build a Facebook ads funnel that generates a positive ROI without having to fork out thousands on a “Facebook Ads Marketer”
  4. You’re ready to scale your business in an automated predictable way
  5. You’re in a position to take on online clients regularly
  6. You just want an exact step by step walkthrough of what you NEED to do to generate leads and clients for your online training business using Facebook ads

This is not for you if:

  1. You’re a bad human who is just going to use this course as a way to take advantage of people. If you can help people use this course, if you can’t then you need to work on that before you start marketing
  2. You aren’t willing to invest a few hours to learn to grow your business

I don’t know what else to tell you

This course is the walkthrough of the exact funnel I use in my own business, I implement in the businesses I invest in or work with privately and that we teach to our students