Talking Shrimp, Laura Belgray – Launch Hero

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Talking Shrimp, Laura Belgray – Launch Hero

Launch Hero

A guide to writing emails that make people clamor to your ENROLL button like fruit flies to an overripe peach!

What’s inside:

3 Hush-Hush Launch Sequence Breakdowns


  • All my debut-launch emails for Inbox Hero, in order and on the page…with the signature Inbox Hero treatment: margin notes on my stealth word tricks and techniques, what worked, what I’d change, and what you should steal for your own launch sequence.


  • My entire sequence for Marie Forleo’s B-School (a $100k+ sequence which made me a consistent top-ten partner). See how I made my emails stand out from hundreds of other partners’ emails, and why even people who already had B-School read and reread the series till the very end, year after year.
  • My entire sequence for Denise Duffield Thomas’ Money Bootcamp, which made me the Number One affiliate my first time out of the gate. This one was a strange fit for “non-woo-woo” me. See how I took a product and brand that was an odd match for Talking Shrimp…and made it make perfect sense! And many dollars!


The Talking Shrimp Bare-Bones, At-A-Glance Launch Sequence Framework

From “it’s coming” to “last chance, bye-bye” and everything in between…I’ll hand you an ordered list of emails that, once you plug in your own words, can turn a course into your own private money mint.

Behind-The-Scenes Secrets of my 6-Figure “Lazy Launch” – training + Q&A and recording

I’ll walk you through my no-ads, no-webinars, all-email (plus a few posts on IG) launch that made $170k over 10 days, from a $299 product!

The Launch Hero Ultimate Launch Sequence Checklist 

So you can make sure you don’t leave out any of the essential components of a “must buy” launch.

This puppy is 300+ gorgeous, printer-friendly pages! But whether it’s in a binder or a screen, it’s gonna help you print money.