Tej Dosa – The Tej Dosa Letter

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Tej Dosa – The Tej Dosa Letter

The Highest ROI Print Letter For Marketing, Business And Kicking Ass In Life!

What Is The Tej Dosa Letter?
A Monthly Print Letter Containing My Personal Strategies, Tactics And Ideas For Growing Online Businesses To 6-7 Figures.
  • ​Get a “behind-the-scenes” look at how I’ve built multiple six figure businesses by 24 (and how you can follow in my footsteps – nobody can guarantee results, but if you apply what you learn your chances of joining the 6-figure club are higher than Snoop Dogg)
  • ​Learn from all the failures and successes I experience on my journey to 7 figures/year with my new business venture(s)
  • ​Receive a raw and “unfiltered” marketing education that lasts a LIFETIME (everything from scripts… to BIG campaigns… to sales letters… to business ideas… to the names of my ventures REVEALED!)…
  • ​See the exact strategies I’m using to make more money, and enjoy a HIGHER QUALITY of life (that’s the whole point, right?)…
  • ​Get unlimited access to what’s going on inside the brain of high-income marketers and entrepreneurs (not all pretty – be warned!)…
  • ​Know exactly what’s working RIGHT NOW (so you can take these test results and WIN BIG)…
  • ​Read epically personal stories about my business (and life) adventures (from the highest of highs… to the lowest of lows that nobody but myself knows)…
  • ​Get it all delivered to your front-door in print form (so you can crack open a brew or grab a coffee and dive deep as the ideas inside make sweet love to your brain)…
  • ​Also receive a digital version of the letter – alongside occasional bonuses, swipe files, guides and cheat sheets you can use to CRUSH your goals…
That’s The Type of “Intelligence” I Want To Give You

Without The Hype, Sales Pitches And Useless “Motivation Mumbo Jumbo”

Now, don’t get me wrong…

I’m not saying I have all that information.
I don’t.
(Nobody does.)
Not even close.
But I do have a little.
How did I get it?
By aiming for the stars and landing on the moon (or sometimes on my ass – hard!)
Over the years I’ve:
  • Built 2 six figure businesses
  • Generated 6-7 figures in revenue for clients in the following verticals: health/spirituality/dating/weight loss/MMO
  • Been in the entrepreneurial trenches since I was 12/13
  • Grew a blog from 0 to loyal readers in 75+ countries
  • My current businesses: 1) 2 agencies 2) Info-Product Business 3) Real estate investing 4) eCom
  • ​I’ve started 10+ businesses. Failed 90% of the time.
  • Worked at McDonald’s for 3 days (my only “real” job)
  • Worked alongside some of the baddest marketers in the game (including a 8-figure marketer who I apprenticed under for 4.5 years)

And I’ve learned. Fucked up. Won. Lost.

And filled up journals along the way with lessons, insights, strategies and tactics.
Everything that has ever destroyed me. And left me down and out on the floor of some hotel in an unfamiliar city.
To everything that brought my dreams and bank account to life (like the story of how I landed a BIG shoe brand (you know em) as a client with barely any experience!)
I’ve documented and recorded it all inside journals and notebooks…
This isn’t even my entire collection. I’ve been documenting everything for the last 4-5 years.

And I want to share it all with you (without holding back *the good stuff*) …

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg…
I don’t want to stop there.
Because I’m just beginning my journey.
Yes, I’ve been hustling and bustling for 10+ years online (I started at 12-13). And tasted the fruits of success. But I don’t categorize it as success.
It’s still just the first minute of the first quarter.
Top of the world or bottom of the ocean.
That’s my motto.
My BIG IDEA for life.
My ultimate objective.
Mediocrity isn’t an option.
And since I’m not at the top of the world yet, I’m always setting BIG challenges…
And doing whatever I can (legally) to make them a reality.
And my recent challenge?
I’m taking a few NEW businesses from $0 to 7 figures/year (each).
And so, I’ve been grinding… strategizing… living life with my foot on the gas.
And eating lots of shit.
And you know what?
I’ve seen some things. Learned some game.
Picked out even more nuggets of scarce information…
And documented it all inside my journals.