Till Boadella – Advanced Dropshipping Class

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Till Boadella – Advanced Dropshipping Class

Who Else Wants To Build An Easy, Fun And Lucrative Drop Shipping
Business In 30 Days?
If you’d like to build a profit-producing drop shipping store in just 30 days or less, this is the most important message you’ll ever read.

Dear Friend,
Let’s skip the long intro and cut straight to the chase.
You’ve seen newbies build their drop shipping income from nothing to more than $10,000 a month in less than 30 days.
And if you’ve paid attention to my YouTube channel and Snapchat stories then you’ve seen that everyone is going nuts about this right now …cramming my inbox and comments with questions under every video …and desperately trying to crack this drop shipping code to make easy passive income.

“Not Bad For My First Month”
Those were the modest words of one newbie.
Right above the message was a screenshot that displayed the money he made in his first month drop shipping.
It said $35.38k, in bold print.

Module #1
Drop Shipping Success Principles
A Quick-Start Guide For Drop Shipping Success
The “95% Rule”: Discover The Invisible Line That Separates All Six-Figure Drop Shipping Store Owners From Newbies Who Get No Results
Little-Known Drop Shipping Opportunities And Highly-Profitable Markets Everyone Is Ignoring Right Now
The “Drop Shipping Parachute”: How To Strategically Test Products Until You Hit A Massive “Gold Mine” That Makes You A Small Or A Big Fortune Online
Winning Drop Shipping Mindsets And Productivity Tips For Brand-New E-Commerce Store Owners
…Once We’ve Made Your Success Almost Inevitable,
I’ll Show You How To Set Up Your Store….

Module #2
Setting Up Your Drop Shipping Store
How To Create A Profitable Brand (+ 3 Amazing Tools To Quickly Come Up With Awesome Store Names)
A Step-By-Step Walkthrough Of How To Set Up Your Shopify Store The Right Way (I’ll Literally Show You Exactly What To Select For Every Single Setting)
How To Quickly Find And Register A Custom Domain And The Exact Domain Name You Should Go For
My Exact System For Shipping Rates (So Free Plus Shipping Items, Retail Items And Custom Shipping Rates Can All Co-Exist On One Single Store)
How To Find And Set Up A Payment Gateway In Your Country And How To Accept Credit Card Payments
How To Get An Awesome Looking Logo (I’ll Hook You Up With The Logo Designer I Personally Use & You’ll Learn How To Create Your Own Logo In 5 Minutes)
The High-Converting Shopify Theme I Recommend
A Detailed Tutorial On How To Setup Your Theme Design, Layout And Store Pages To Maximize Sales
How To Set Up Your Drop Shipping Store To Accept Orders From Non-English Speaking Countries
…Then I’ll Show You How To Find The Perfect Niche And Identify Products That Will Sell Like Hotcakes…

Module #3
How To Identify Hungry Buyers, Find Hot Products & Create Crushing Offers
A Step-By-Step Guide To Finding The Perfect Niche
The 3 Criteria Of A Profitable Niche (And How To Quickly Check If Your Niche Will Make Money)
Specific Examples Of Highly-Profitable Niches (You Can Use These Proven Niches I’m Revealing, Or Use My Simple Niche Research Method To Find Tons Of “Gold Mines” That Are Even Less Competitive)
3 Secret Tools I Use To Spy On Niches And Determine If They’re Going To Make Me A Fortune Or Not
How To Find And Identify Irrationally Passionate Buyers That Would Do Anything To Buy Your Products And Come Back To Buy More Every Few Weeks
The Secret Trick I Use To Find Hot Products To Sell
Exactly How To Find Reliable Suppliers On Aliexpress (Plus A Simple 5-Minute Test For Product Quality)
How To Clone Products From Aliexpress.com And Import Them To Your Shopify Store (I’ll Show You Two Methods To Do This And Common Pitfalls To Avoid)
How To Turn Your Product Pages Into High-Converting Sales Pages By Using My Proven Formula And Exact Template For Product Titles And Descriptions (I’ll Literally Tell You Exactly What To Write Word By Word)
2 Simple Ways To Overcome Long-Shipping Times
The Exact Delivery Method You Should Select
How To Turn “Products” Into Crushing Offers (There’s 2 Proven Drop Shipping Models That Work Like Crazy Right Now And I’ll Show You Both In Detail)
An Easy Method To Calculate Your Price Markup Along With Exact Examples For Different Types Of Products
…Once Your Store Is Setup I’ll Show You Exactly How To Make Consistent Daily Sales With Advertising…

Module #4
How To Get Daily Sales Using My Proven Facebook Ad Method And How To Get Sales Easily With Instagram & AdWords
A Step-By-Step Tutorial With Exact Instructions On How To Setup Profitable Facebook Ad Campaigns
Exactly Which Facebook Ad Objective To Choose
How To Target Irrationally Passionate Buyers On Facebook And Create A Buying Frenzy On Your Store (I’ll Show You How To Find 5-10 Of These Audiences For Every Product You’re Selling On Your Store)
How To Use Power Editor To Setup And Launch Multiple Ads While Staying Organised And Focussed
The Exact Daily Budget You Need To Spend On Your Ads When Launching (Plus How To Make Sure You Don’t “Flush Your Money Down The Toilet”)
My Proven High-Converting Facebook Ad Template (Students Have Used This To Make Consistent Sales And Small Fortunes All Around The World)
What Dark Posts Are And Why You Should Use Them
How Long You Should Run Your Ads Before Killing Them Plus A Simple Trick To Know Exactly Which Ad Is A Winner And Which One Is A Loser
A Dummy-Proof Method To Scale Up Your Winning Ads Without Killing The Performance Of Your Campaign
8 Facebook Ad Metrics You Need To Track In The Ad Manager (And Exactly How To “Read” Them To Properly Judge The Performance Of Your Ads)
How To Calculate Your Maximum “Cost per Purchase”
How To Use Event-Based Lookalike Audiences To Scale Up Your Facebook Ad Results And Multiply Your Daily Revenue By 10X, 20X Or Possibly More
A Step-By-Step Guide To Running Highly-Profitable Instagram Ads And Getting Mobile Buyers
My Secret Trick To Create Attention-Grabbing Pictures
How To Sell High-Ticket Products Using Google AdWords By Targeting Keywords With Buying Intent
The Difference Between Push-Advertising And Pull-Advertising (And How To Use Both Models Of Advertising To Drive Sales Like Crazy)
A Word-By-Word Template For Google AdWords Ads (Literally Watch Over My Shoulders As I Set It Up)
How To Use Google Shopping Ads With Shopify
…Then You’ll Learn How To Scale Up Your Store With Little-Known Influencer Marketing Strategies…

Module #5
How To Get A Surge Of Visitors And Sales With Highly-Effective Influencer Marketing Methods On Instagram, Facebook, YouTube And Twitter
A Step-By-Step Tutorial On How To Get Influencers On Instagram And Facebook To Give You Shoutouts
The Little-Known Method To Talk Influencers And Celebrities Into Giving You A Shoutout For Free (This Method Made One Newbie $25,500 In One Weekend Without Paying The Influencer A Single Dollar)
How To Find The Right Influencers On Facebook And Instagram And How To Find Their Contact Details
A Free Online Tool To Find Influencers On Facebook
How To Identify If An Influencer’s Audience Is Likely To Buy Your Products (You Can Use This Technique To Determine How Profitable Your Shoutout Will Be)
Exactly How To Reach Out To Influencers And What Type Of “Irresistible Offer” You Should Make Them
2 Extremely Profitable Influencer Marketing Methods That Work Like Crazy Right Now (You’ll Learn Why “Frames” Are Important In Influencer Marketing)
How To Find And Contact Celebrities With Audiences On Twitter And Get Shoutouts For Dirt-Cheap
A Simple Trick To Get Ongoing Shout Outs On Twitter For An Entire Week (One Drop Shipper Used This To Turn $250 Into $7,000 Within A Single Week)
How To Find And Contact Influencers With A Large Subscriber Base On YouTube And Get Them To Endorse Your Products In Their Videos (And The Best Products To Sell With YouTube Influencer Marketing)
The Exact YouTube SEO Method To Get Evergreen Traffic And Sales From Your YouTube Shoutouts (You Can Literally Get Visitors And Sales For Years)
How To Negotiate The Lowest Possible Rate With Any Influencer (There’s A Sneaky Trick You Can Use To Get Them To Under-Sell Their Social Media Shoutouts)
Example Templates And Word-By-Word Shoutouts You Can use For Your Influencer Marketing Campaigns
…And Finally You’ll Discover How To Get Visitors And Sales Every Day Without Spending Any Money…

Module #6
How To Make Sales With Affiliate Marketing For Drop Shipping Without Spending Any Money
A Step-By-Step Tutorial On How To Find And Recruit Affiliates Who Will Happily Promote Your Products
How To Identify Affiliates Who Are Already Promoting Products In Your Niche And Talk Them Into Ditching Their Partners And Selling Your Products Instead
The Different Forms Of Affiliate Partners (There’s Certain Types Of Websites That Are More Effective)
How To Gain Leverage When Negotiating Partnerships
The Exact Affiliate Commissions You Should Pay Your Affiliate Partners Whenever They Make You A Sale
2 Ways To Track Affiliate Sales From Your Partners (This Way You’ll Know Whenever A Partner Refers An Order And How Much The Exact Order Value Is)
How And When To Pay Out Affiliate Commissions Without Making The Process Stressful Or Complicated
A Simple Strategy To Turn One-Off Influencer Shout Outs Into Ongoing Affiliate Partnerships (You’ll Be Able To Persuade Influencers To Become Ongoing Affiliate Partners In A Smooth And Non-Pushy Way)