Todd Gordon – Elliott Wave Mastery Course (2021)

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Todd Gordon – Elliott Wave Mastery Course (2021)


With Elliott Wave Mastery you will protect your money by planning your trade, and trading your plan.

Elliott Wave

Mastery Course
Presented by Todd Gordon
Want to know how to pinpoint when to be in or out of your positions? You can with our new Elliott Wave Mastery course.
Learn how to prosper in the coming age of stock market volatility
You will learn how to work with a methodology preferred by the largest traders, investment banks, and hedge funds. Elliott Wave Analysis is one of the best known methodologies of capital market analysis, but also the least understood by the retail trading community. Join Todd Gordon of TradingAnalysis for the the latest educational training series from the E-Learning Studios. In this online training course that streams in HD with studio-quality production and graphics,
Todd will take you step-by-step through the theory and real-world application of this methodology that can quite literally crack the code of the market.

This new E-learning course is extremely timely as the stock market is reaching new highs on a daily basis. But the late-2017 and early-2018 time window is a power keg for a coming volatility explosion. Exactly 30-years ago Rober Prechter of Elliott Wave International informed the world of a coming bear market. Several of the largest hedge fund traders in the world such as Paul Tudor Jones and George Soros took note. Then, the 1987 crash unfolded. Many hopes and dreams were destroyed, but some became extremely rich.

Fast forward 20 years to the 2007 high, and we have a fresh crisis about to unfold and take the S&P from 1576 to 666. The housing and credit crisis began exactly 10 years ago.
There is no better trading and investing methodology in the world to help you gain context of the current market status and help you position for safety and then prosperity

What Can I Expect From My Investment?

Always Be One Step Ahead

Protect your positions with a plan. With Elliott Wave Mastery you will protect your money by seeing the market through a microscope rather than a telescope. You’ll learn market context when you can peel back the layers and understand what a market trend or correction consists of. If you don’t know where you are currently in the market, there’s no way to know where you’re headed!

Built in Profit Taking Targets – Know When To Ring The Cash Register

Elliott Wave is a complete trading tool kit. Fibonacci levels serve as trade targets to help pinpoint exact profit taking levels. Or for options traders, it helps structure your multi-leg strategies.

Position Sizing – One of The Best Kept Secrets Of The Professionals

If you know the risk and your confidence going into a trade before you even pull the trigger, you can quickly calculate the ideal trading size. In some market conditions you trade small, in others your trade large. That fluctuation in trading size is one of the biggest factors that will contribute to your success or failure in your career.

Trade Without Emotion

In trading, like life, few things unfold like you expect them to. The future is unknown. Learn how to sharpen your emotional intelligence to prosper in an uncertain future. And when the market does not unfold exactly as expected, learn to adjust and enact your backup plan intelligently, not emotionally.

Know When To Hold ‘Em and When To Fold ‘Em

Elliott Wave comes with a complete set of rules and guidelines. When they are violated, it suggests to exit the market immediately and protect your capital. Stop wasting valuable capital with haphazardly placed stop losses – or even worse no stop losses! The market professional has total confidence in his methodology because he knows if implemented consistently, it will put him in winning trades.

Exploit The Emotional Trading Community

Do you know most people spend more time planning their vacation than they do their investments? Gain an advantage on your fellow traders by understanding the emotion that drives them, and then exploit those tendencies generating profits your trading accounts.

What’s Included In The Course?

  • ​Over 5+ hours of video, audio, and visual learning
  • ​The 3 Most Important Market Correction Patterns to Know
  • ​How to Anticipate when a Correction is About to Start and End
  • ​Learn to Effectively Time Start Of a New Market Trend
  • ​Understand the Patterned And Fractal Nature of Markets To Gain Context
  • ​Learn to Guard Against the Market Head Fakes
  • ​Identifying the Highest Quality Entries
  • ​Uncover Fibonacci Analysis as Applied To Elliott To Time Market Turns
  • ​5 Sessions of Live Trading with REAL CAPITAL applying Elliott Wave