TradeStation – EasyLanguage Home Study Course PDF Book + CD

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TradeStation – EasyLanguage Home Study Course PDF Book + CD

This self-paced home-study course is based on our popular EasyLanguage training classes offered live around the country. It is designed to teach you EasyLanguage programming, starting with the fundamentals and continuing through advanced topics, so that you can create your own trading indicators and strategies. The EasyLanguage Home Study Course comes with online resources with answers to all of the course exercises and video answers for all the challenge exercises.


The course includes 35 hands-on exercises for Charting and RadarScreen, and 6 main-topic challenges with video explanations of the challenge answers. You will learn how to write TradeStation Indicators, ShowMes, PaintBars, and Strategies, giving you the ability to back-test your trading ideas before risking any money. This course will also give you the skills needed to view, modify, and copy the built-in EasyLanguage indicators and strategies, and integrate them with your own trading ideas.

Even if you have never learned another computer programming language, or have never seen a single word of EasyLanguage before, the EasyLanguage Home Study Course will have you writing EasyLanguage Indicators the first day, so that you can start to better utilize the power, potential, and flexibility of TradeStation.

What You Will Learn :

  • Basic Program Structure, Syntax, Grammar, and Punctuation
  • Writing Custom Indicators for Charting and RadarScreen
  • Writing Custom Trading Strategies
  • Utilizing Inputs and Variables
  • Integrating Alerts and Conditional Logic
  • Working with Multi-Data Charts
  • Writing Custom Functions

Note: No prior knowledge of EasyLanguage or programming is required. However, we strongly encourage participants to be familiar with the basics of the TradeStation platform.