Cardboard Surfer – OMBE

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Cardboard Surfer – OMBE

How do some surfers make it around sections, generate a sudden burst of speed, or seem to float across the lip of a wave? It comes down to how a surfer moves in order to drive their board forwards. It’s all too easy to stand flat on the board, making you heavy and stagnant in the water. For a surfer to be able to create those burst of energy moments, to move from A to B with speed, and create a lightness to float across the water, they must understand how to engage the body in the most efficient way. This understanding of the body and the way a surfer needs to move can be felt and trained on land with nothing more than a piece of cardboard.


Getting Started

Why Cardboard Surfer

Cutting the Cardboard

Walk Up to Pop Up

Lay down

Walk up

Cardboard Walk Up to Pop Up


What is Good Surf Posture

Neautral Stance & Posture

Stacking, Front-on, Lunging

Stack jenga

Coffee Cup

Pick up the coffee cup

Coffee Cup Driver

Compress, Extend & Twist

Driving Foward

Jump forward

Driving a Surfboard

Drive Cardboard

Front vs Back foot

Deconstructing Turns


Twist to turn

Cardboard Turns

Eyes lead the way

Pinky up Pinky Down

Hands lead the way

Combination mix up

Cardboard Surf

Common Mistakes


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